MLS 2019 week 2

LA Galaxy are back into last season struggle’s away from home being shutdown in Texas. They lost 2-0 at FC Dallas and did not look very good at all without two of their best players in Ibrahimovic and Alessandrini. They made mistakes that were costly for the team. The coach will have to find ways to re-motivate his team for next game. 

FC Dallas coach Gonzalez on the win:

 I have to be happy as a coach, as one of their coaches, because they grew from the last game in terms of what we worked on during the week to improve with the ball, what we do with it, our shape and our transitions, and it led to us getting a win today. So I have to be really proud of the boys with their openness to be critical and then to take steps on how we want to play and what the idea is going into this game against LA, which we respect a lot. I know we were fortunate in terms of injury.

They were missing two key guys, [Romain] Alessandrini and Zlatan [Ibrahimović], which is not easy, but we can’t control that, we have to move forward and prepare the best we can no matter who we confront. Absolutely happy with the boys and for me this is a step and we are going to be ready to compete next week, to form a roster, travel to Columbus and take the next step.

LA Galaxy coach Schelotto on the loss:

“I think we had some opportunities during the first half, we couldn’t get a goal and the game was tied. They weren’t able to build a play to score on us, but we gave them their opportunities, the penalty and in the second goal we missed the ball in the box. I think we made some mistakes that made it very easy for the other team.

I think we gave Dallas the possibility to beat us. We weren’t able to score in the first half, but we were very close and all of Dallas’ possibilities were our mistakes. We gave away a penalty then on the second goal we had the ball and we gave it away to the Dallas player who crossed it and then they scored.

We need to be better, more focused because we can’t make those mistakes because we lose the game.”