MLS 2019 season week 2

FC Cincinnati brought the first point in their inaugural season against the MLS champs Atlanta United. Atlanta United did not look focused in this game and let their opponent come back in the last moments of the game.

Coach Atlanta United, De Boer on the game:

“I think we have to recognize to play a little bit of a different style. We have to have runners behind their last line, and I think in the second half we saw much more of that. In the second half, I think we created more chances than in the first half. When we scored to make it 1-0, they still tucked in on their own half, and it’s very difficult to create chances, but you have to have runners, and we did much better with that in the second half.

I think we want to dominate to create chances, and we had too many of them. We want more, of course, but it’s always very hard. Everyone is very disappointed in the result, because in the 85th minute we’re still 1-0 up. I think it was really the first real chance they get when they scored.

Everybody was spoiled with the results of last season, so everyone has expectations, and that’s normal, but everybody also saw what happened with Toronto FC when they played in the Champions League last season. Out of nothing we were induced to playing a game every three days, so now I think in seventeen days we will play five games, which is a lot.”

Last season’s best scorer Forward Josef Martinez was sharp early on: