Australian Rules football is a magnificent event, which gives a unique experience for all people seeing it. Nevertheless, it may be hard to understand all the rules of the event by just reading about them or even after watching a couple of games. Even more, finding out which team is considered the best is almost impossible while being really important for the ones who bet. So that, you get a short AFL betting guide, which will make it way easier for you to place a right wager. 

Know the rules of Aussie Football

To start with, the main thing you need to know before betting on some Australian Football League matches is the basics of this unique sport. And everything is much easier as it may seem at the first glance. 

Australian Rules Football is a sport, which combines techniques from different other ball-oriented sports. It contains elements from American football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, and classical soccer. The game may be really unpredictable which makes it harder to bet on it. 

However, there are some tips that every gambler should know. 

First of all, the scoring system. Each team has a peculiar gate. It contains four pillars. The higher pillars are the main gates. When the ball goes through them, the team gets 6 points. If the ball goes between the higher pillar and the lower one, or bumps into one of the poles, the team gets only one point. 

Furthermore, the way players act may seem strange for the common person. It is allowed to climb the opponent to catch the ball. Even more, players can grab each other in order to get an advantage on the field. That is not forbidden, but with some nuances. Players can grab each other only in the elbow area. This fact should be also included. 

The best tournament to bet on

AFL (Australian Football League) is the most popular Aussie Rules Football tournament. Of course, there are many minor leagues that are not that hard to find, but AFL is the best way to start. 

In fact, it sets the bat of quality. This way you see how this game is meant to be played. You learn about rules, teams, timings, and scores. Watching an AFL opens you a door to “footie”. This is the ideal way to know all the needed basics to wager on different minor leagues in the future. 

Are there any special preparations before betting?

In spite of the fact Australian football may seem really complicated, there are no difficulties during the preparation phase. 

First of all, you should inspect the list of teams. For users that are not from Australia that will be the main step. Gaining some information about competitors would be really useful. 

Secondly, you should visit the official AFL website and their YouTube channel to gain fresh information about players and upcoming events. Visiting different sports websites regularly will also help you find information about probable issues which some teams experience.

You may also find some information about regional events, where you can see what teams are going to reach play-off. Many betting websites provide live streams of such events, which will also help you. Also, watching streams will help you understand the way the game goes.

Following these easy steps may grant you an advantage in placing a wager on an event. It will not take a lot of your time, but you will be at least prepared. 

Choosing a betting strategy

While experienced players usually don’t experience issues with betting correctly, novice gamblers may use some money in order to find the best strategy for them. 

However, it is not that hard to avoid such a problem. After collecting all the needed information, you should try yourself in placing a wager on some AFL events. 

The best way to start is by using head to head strategy, where you only have to choose the winning team. It is easy, because even the odds may tell who is the favorite of the game. Some websites may also provide some short analytics to make it even easier. 

However, if you think that you have learned enough about Aussie Rules Football and its teams, you may try placing some Line bets, where you have to choose the team and try to predict the score. You don’t have to choose the exact number. Just choose whether the score will beat some line or not. 

Also, don’t be afraid to risk a little placing a bet while the match is on. Many bookies provide such an option. Trying to analyze something in live mode will help you understand the game faster. 

Which bookmaker to choose?

AFL is a very special event, which requires your undivided attention. However, the attention of the betting website is also important. For example, you can choose some popular US or UK bookies. They still provide nice odds and an opportunity to bet on AFL, but there might be not that much attention to different details. 

The best way is to choose some Australian bookmakers. The reason is that they can include betting on some minor events, which will be probably ignored by foreign bookies. 

A nice option is TopSport. Although the website is new it became popular really fast. It provides satisfying odds and is always aware of upcoming AFL events. It supports live bets, gives many bonuses for new players, and is simple to use. It will announce interesting Australian Rules Football games, so that, you will not miss anything. 

However, you can also Palmerbet. The website is simple, good-looking, and provides competitive odds on AFL matches. In spite of the fact that it may seem that Palmerbet is fully focused on racing. However, there is always a separate place for Australian Football. It’s a nice website for the ones who already know something about Aussie football. 

Nevertheless, non-Australian websites are also good. SportsBet and Bet365 are bright examples. They are brilliant-looking and provide the best services for novice users. Choosing one of these websites will be a great option to start betting on AFL. The odds might be not as satisfying as they are on Palmerbet, but using these popular websites as a first step to AFL betting is a great idea.