What is Going On?

For Arsenal fans, this football club is undergoing a lot of changes lately, and fans are wondering if they are for the better or not. There has been a lot of rumors and news circulating that fans aren’t sure they could trust, so you could imagine their relief finding that there is some real news now coming to the surface.

Unai Emery will sign with Arsenal. You heard that right, ex Saint-Germain coach will officially sign with Arsenal, leaving many wondering if he is the right fit for the club. Many are excited for a change up, and think it is just what Arsenal needs to start performing properly on the pitch, but only time will tell.

Some Transfer Targets

A new coach isn’t the only thing that is stirring the pot over at Arsenal, the club is also looking to nab Steven N’Zonzi, as well as Sokratis. It is an exciting time for the Arsenal club, lots of key decisions need to be made that will make or break the next season, and fans are mostly hopeful and believe that the changes will be for the better.

Emery will certainly have his hands full, as transfer targets are never easy picks and nothing has yet to be set in stone. Though Emery is coming to a new club he also brings a fresh energy and perspective that may be just what the doctor ordered for Arsenal.

Odds in Your Favor

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A Cryptic Clue

Arsenal’s future is under more speculation than ever, as there has been little to no solid news as to the happenings and shake-ups occurring deep in the heart of the locker rooms. The only thing fans are sure of at this point is that they aren’t certain of anything.

Jack Wilshere is not helping matters, as he recently started a whole new batch of whispers and speculation over a rogue social media post where he said that he would like to stay with the Arsenal club, even though he has yet to sign any concrete deal that would make it a reality.

The combination of the cryptic social media post and lack of actual action has made many of the fans feel shaken, and stirred. It seems that fans of the arsenal club will simply have to stay patient and wait out the storm to see where everything settles before they can finally get a sense of where Arsenal is headed.