Drama was set for a great match

Chelsea FC 1-3 Tottenham Hotspur

Is this the end of an era for Chelsea? After so many years the English club and latest Premier League champions is very likely to miss the most prestigious of all clubs competition. In fact the game against Tottenham was the last chance for Chelsea to close the gap on top four. 

The following day we hear rumors about star players like Courtois and Hazard intentions to leave the club if they do not make it to Champions League next year. It seems it will be a very interesting summer for Chelsea just one year after being on top of England. Things turn around quickly in football!

Antonio Conte expresses his view on the match: 

“I think the performance has been good, especially in the first half,’ Conte said afterwards. ‘I think we played good football and scored only one goal.

I think we deserved to be 2-0 or 3-0. Instead, we conceded a goal in the last minute of the first half and I think this goal created problems in our minds. We lost a bit of confidence.

But, despite this, in the second half we started the game very well. Then, we conceded a goal that you can avoid, there was a free ball and I think we made a mistake. The season is going in this way. Now we have to try to do our best until the end.

We must be realistic to understand the teams that stay ahead of us are going very fast, and today we had a great chance to reduce the gap with Tottenham, but we lost this chance. On the other hand, we have to try to do our best to do everything to try to take a place in the Champions League but it won’t be easy. We must know this.

I think that the players are giving everything this season. We are working very hard to try to have a good season.

Now is the moment to continue to work with great professionalism. We are doing this. We have to try until the end to do our best. I think if we are in this position, we are deserving of this position.

Yes. I am sure about this. We are working very well, we are working very hard and the commitment of the players is top. Despite this, we stay in this position. We must be a bit worried about this.”