Top 5 Soccer Athletes Who Love Esports Gaming

Competitive in nature, soccer players love every form of challenge. Most recently, they are going crazy about EA’s FIFA 19, the newest installment in the video game franchise of competitive digital football. With this in mind, we have decided to take a look at the five most passionate professional soccer players who actually enjoy participating in different esports games and even bet on the outcome of the matches.

Let’s check the bunch of pros who are no strangers to dominating both the physical and digital stadiums.

Hector Bellerin – Arsenal

Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin is no stranger to competitive gaming. He spends a fair bit whiling away the time by gaming actively on FIFA and most recently, Call of Duty. He even managed to put a tattoo of his Call of Duty clan logo on his arm to symbolize his allegiance to his alter ego and comrades.

Andrea Pirlo – Juventus

The love for esports is international. From England through Spain to Italy. Juventus’ Andrea Pirlo is a big-time gamer himself, although he favors gaming on consoles much more than you would expect. In his autobiography, he even went so far to call PlayStation “the second greatest invention after the wheel,“ which was obviously said in jest, but it still expressed his love for gaming and esports.

Michael Carrick – Manchester United

Manchester United in general may be less involved with gaming, but Michael Carrick is a gamer by heart. Admittedly, his focus is less on esports and more on making sure he is having a good time. But nonetheless he may just have a chance to be playing a wee bit more. Now that the English Premier League (EPL) have officially signed a partnership to feature every team from the league into a digital eLeague created by EA Games.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo is of course competitive, but he is not playing esports as a professional yet. However, it’s a well-established factor that Ronaldo is an avid FIFA 19 follower and while it’s said that he does so to see his alter ego overcome footballers, in the make-believe world, he seems to have his mind on it. An anecdote has it that Ronaldo and fellow footballers sometimes end up calling EA to request that they boost their avatar statistics in the game.

Pepe – Real Madrid

Well, speaking of avid gamers it would be difficult to pass up on Pepe. Again, he’s not into esports per se. But he spends a lot of time streaming on Twitch and overcoming different levels in story-based titles. He loves to play FIFA with Ronaldo and enjoys dabbling in first person shooter games as well.

Football and video gaming seem to go hand in hand these days. But footballers are not just willing to play games inspired by what they do for a living. There is a lot of interesting titles to be explored. And as it turns out, esports betting is also a thing! If you know a thing or two about that, you may one day be wagering on the outcome of what footballers will win an esports contest. Wouldn’t that be awesome?