Champions League – FC Barcelona 4-0 Manchester City

Messi had another treble in the Champions League that puts Barcelona in very good position with three wins in three games and a plus 12 differential. Coach Luis Enrique reacts on another perfect night for the Blaugrana and on his superstar’s performance:


“He [Leo Messi] was decisive. He was involved in all the game’s key moments. Messi finishes as if he were playing on the school playground. It doesn’t matter if he’s coming off an injury. It’s just the way he processes the game.

“There were some big errors made in the game and that’s huge in matches featuring two very good teams. The little details decide the game. City is a team that’s constantly changing things up during the game. It’s tough to play against them. City were good until the end of the game; the expulsion changes the match.

If you win the way you asked your team to play, it feels even better.”

Midfielder Andres Iniesta added:

“The game ended 4-0, but it was not an easy one. They challenged for possession and have some great players. It was an intense game. The difference is that we took our chances at key moments. We have nine points, which puts us in a good position, and in the next game we’ll try to move a step closer to qualifying.

It was a boost for our confidence, it shows we’re doing things right. The game in England will be very different, but it does give us a great chance to get closer to advancing.”

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