Champions League matchday 6

Juventus surprisingly lost in Switzerland to Young Boys 2-1 but at the same time Manchester United was defeated in Spain at Valencia with the same result. 

The loss means Juventus win the group, Man United finished second and could face teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG in the Round of 16. The Red Devils already know the task will be hard in the next stage of the competition. 

Jose Mourinho comments on the loss:

“I thought we were too passive in the first half. Quite comfortable with the ball, but not with intensity and ambition and then, in the second half, I was pretty sure that after speaking at half-time, things could be different in the second half. But we started the second half with an own goal that gave Valencia a better position to control the game.

I made the two changes later and the team improved immediately and we started playing faster, arriving with link play in more dangerous positions. We got to 2-1, probably we should get the 2-2, because we had a couple of important chances to equalise. But I think fundamentally this, we wasted the first half playing too comfortable and not enough with the intensity.

Juventus had to be favourites and Valencia are a very tricky and difficult opponent. I would say immediately, of course, ‘yes’ but after the two victories in Juventus and at home to Young Boys, we put ourselves in the situation where we had the chance to finish first. Which I don’t think is super-important. There are so many good teams who are going to finish second and give difficult draws to people who won the groups. Because of the feeling we came here today with, I think we didn’t play bad at all but we need a little bit more.”