Selling soccer memorabilia can help you earn extra money. From just a few dollars to a few million, your potential is up to how hard you work.

When it comes to selling any type of sports memorabilia, you have to know what you have. What is its estimated value? Once you know this, it is time to choose the right method for selling the items. From using Sales Force Automation to opting for self-sell sites like eBay, keep reading to learn more about successfully selling soccer memorabilia.  

Get to Know the Market

The market for soccer memorabilia is big. Even if you don’t want to sell on sites like eBay, just looking at what is available can help you see how many people are interested in these items.

You can sell apparel, autographs, souvenirs, and so much more. You can even make some money selling soccer items that are tied to big events, like the Olympics.

Learn How to Value Soccer Memorabilia

Determining a value for soccer memorabilia isn’t an easy process. There are many different items “out there,” and there are many factors that can impact the price of the item you are trying to sell. For example, if you have a photograph, what size is it? What type of paper is it printed on? Is the photo framed? All these factors will impact the value.

If you are selling something that is autographed, is it rare? Some soccer stars don’t sign things very often, while others do so much that their signature is virtually worthless. The item that is autographed also impacts the value. For example, a signed soccer ball or jersey will be worth more than a signed photo.

The condition of the item and if it has been authenticated will also impact the price. Take time to consider all these factors when trying to figure out how much your soccer memorabilia is worth.

Authentications and Forgeries 

When you are trying to sell soccer memorabilia, you should ensure everything you have is authentic. If not, you may wind up having a negative reputation among people who are buying these items.

You can find frauds of all types. For example, knockoff soccer jerseys, forged autographs, and more. You need to take the time to separate the real items from the fake. This is especially true if you plan to purchase items you are going to resell.

If you have something that has been authenticated by a known and reputable service, or if you bought it from a quality seller, you could feel confident it’s genuine. If you don’t have this, you can pay for the authentication on your own. This is going to increase how much it is worth to someone who buys these items.

Before you pay for an authentication service, you may want to look into the basics on your own. This is going to help ensure you use the right service provider.

Tips to Determine a Value for Your Soccer Memorabilia 

Pricing your soccer memorabilia is an art. It is important to find a price that will help you make money while ensuring you aren’t unreasonable for buyers. You can use a few different methods for valuing your memorabilia.

One is to research the item in resource guides and books. These will provide you with a current market value based on factors like the condition of your item. Keep in mind, these guides aren’t a guarantee of what you can get for the item, but they offer a good start.

You can look on other websites where similar items are being sold to see what someone purchased them for. Or you can pay a professional to appraise or authenticate the items you are working to sell. While selling soccer memorabilia can be a lucrative venture, it is something you will have to put some time and effort into. The tips here should help you achieve success with your sales.