As the most popular sport in the world Football has its fair share of fans. While most will play it at school too many don’t continue it further. The only game likely to keep the fans fit is five a side. Well if you are bored with that then there is plenty of other variants that will interest you and keep the passion for playing the game burning in even the most nonathletic fans.

Walking Football

This is the most accessible version of the game as it allows the older generation keep up with youngsters. Running is strictly forbidden and and infringement is punished with afoul. The ball cannot go above the waist too so the game is built around slow and clever passing build up. It is a popular exercise in the UK with the retired.

Bubble Football

Bubble football is one of the fastest growing sports in the world with a flourishing league system in America. The sport was only recently invented and featured on the US TV show Shark Tank. Well now a company in the UK called The Stag Company is running the sports first ever Bubble Football World Cup. It hopes to take the sport to the next level. If you like the sounds of soccer mixed with NHL then you will love this game.

Binocular Football

Binocular football is a game with a novelty difference to its parent games. Players are equipped with binoculars that act as binoculars, maximising or minimising the persons view by 10x. This of course makes for some hilarious antics where players are falling over and shooting air shots as players struggle to get to grips with their new apparel. It may not catch on like Bubble Football but it is certainly a fun hour.

Beach Soccer

Some peoples dreams are the combinations of beaches and soccer. Well in South America this game has built into its very own pro sport. The obvious difference is the surface of the pitch. Because the ball can’t roll it means that players have to keep it in the air. This means you need exceptional ball control and to score goals mainly through volleys. Needless to say Brazil are exceptional at the sport.


Futsal is an interesting twist on the traditional five a side game. While many rules are the same the way you have to play is different. This is because the ball is actually smaller and weighted so that is 30% less bouncy. This means that the ball is less likely to roll or bounce away from you. So technically gifted players can have even more control. Some of the most skillfull players in the world will be found on the futsal court and most will be able to nutmeg you in their sleep.

Blind Football

This is one of the best adaptations of football as it is a game that has included blind people in out beautiful game. They follow the sounds of a ball and it is impressive to watch the accuracy and control the best players have. The goalkeepers are sighted players and even they can’t save some of the shots. The games has made its way to the Paralympics and I am proud to say Team GB is one of the best. Blind football was used in a controversial ad campaign by bookmaker and betting tips giant paddy power.

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