Live from Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Final score CSKA Moscow 1-1 FC Sevilla.

The Andalusian’s goal by Negredo in the 25′ puts the team in the best situation for second leg in Sevilla. Jesus Navas from the right side crossed and centered in the PK area. Moscow’s goalkeeper Beretzouski is too short and Negredo scores in the empty goal. The 1-0 lead was well deserved for Sevilla, their defense is organized and prevent CSKA’s ball circulation. The Russian offensives are harmless along the first half even though Krasic and Honda have tried to perforate the Andalusian’ defense. Starting the second half CSKA came back with better ideas and finally rewarded with a wonderful from Mark Gonzalez at the 66′. A powerful and unstoppable kick for the equalizer. No more goals; the 1-1  is logical and advantages the Spanish team. CSKA will have to score at least a goal to reach the quarterfinals.