What topics are off limits to Jose Mourinho? This man has an opinion even when he claims to have no opinion. Although the days of Special One proclamations have come and gone he continues to be the only manager that says what he wants when he wants. If you want my little opinion, my little opinion is he needs to shut it every once and awhile. His latest tirade was a handcuff gesture that landed him in a boat load of hot water with Serie A officials. Now he comes up against the team with which he fully claimed Special One status and thus far he has been a little low-key for a man that was the inspiration for a comedic puppet show on Setanta Sports.
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Jose Mourinho is a man that refuses to do what is wanted of him. With the Inter Milan v. Chelsea match coming the media is desperate with the Special One to take a jibe or two at his former team, but what does Jose do? He decides to do the exact opposite. Jose decided to butter up his former team with compliments and praise. Is it a ploy to soften up the Chelsea boys, or is it just another Jose mind game? If things do not go Inter Milan’s way Jose will almost certainly have something to say about it before the return leg at Stamford Bridge. I am truly hoping that Chelsea run out comfortable winners against Inter Milan, and if they do I am guessing that Jose will probably take credit for their victory.


  1. 2-1 final! He’ll definitely take credit for that.

    I’ve always thought that Mourinho was a great coach, but in today’s day and age, it seems that these big name coaches are always whining, crying, or pointing fingers. I understand to be the best you have to nail and claw for every advantage, but sometimes it gets pretty frustrating.

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