Wayne Rooney registered another impressive performance in a lopsided 3-0 win today over West Ham United. Rooney netted goals in the 38th and 55th minute off of brilliant crosses from Luis Valencia. This puts him at 23 goals for the season. Manchester United dominated the match, tallying 10 shots on goal against West Ham’s 4. Michael Owens’ goal in the 80th minute, after coming on in the 78th, sealed the game for the Reds and put them within one point of Chelsea in the league standings.

With this performance, Rooney has emerged as a potent attacking weapon for the Reds. Furthermore, it appears that the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo has become old news and of little significance at Old Trafford. Rooney should flourish now that the Portuguese winger is with Real Madrid. With all of these impressive performances should we start to ask Ronaldo who when it comes to discussions of Manchester United’s dominance in European football?


  1. Without a doubt! After watching Rooney score two in last week’s game, I would definitely take him over an overtanned, overgelled, Ronaldo.

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