After a couple of dismal showings from Scotland in the World Cup Qualifiers in the past seven days, questions have been asked when we started to become the whipping boys of European football.It’s been 14 years since we last competed in a championship but where did it all go wrong?We have had some great players along the years, we have also had some woeful ones blended amongst them but we always seemed to have a great history of winning amidst great adversity.

However, since the heady days of triumphant championship qualification ended in 1998, we have slumped to the mantle of has beens that fail to win against the might of the likes of Macedonia, ranked 98 in the world.

Where did it all go wrong though?

Many points in Scottish football history may be pointed at as the main cause of the demise of our once great nation. One particular point in history may show the almost cataclysmic effect that the self belief that we were all powerful in the soccer world, fell on it’s backside when all other around us seemed to be excelling in football skills whilst we seemed to be standing still.

Back in 1960, Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt were to play arguably the best European Cup Final ever played at Hampden Park. Real Madrid sent invites out to all Scottish clubs to visit them at their Troon training camp yet only one club turned up to view the masters of Europe train. One club – Motherwell – had the brains to see how the best team in Europe, ney, the World, play the style of football that we now aspire to be yet only one club sent representatives to view them.

Was this blind ignorance from the powers behind Scottish clubs that no-one was like them or just simply envy that caused them to not want to see how the other half lived?

Whatever the reason, Scottish football has been on a slippery slope since that invitation from the Spanish Greats. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see Puskas, Gento, Santamaria and Di Stefano. Oh I know who. all the clubs in Scotland (except Motherwell).

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