BPL: Swansea 2-1 Manchester United

Coach van Gaal reacts:

On where the game was lost: “We lost the game in five minutes and that cannot happen. The opponents changed their shape because we were 1-0 ahead and were dominating. We could have scored more, maybe we should have. Nevertheless, they changed the shape and we didn’t react as a team and were not compact enough in that moment so, in five minutes, we lost the game. It’s a big pity we lost.”

On United being dominant: “I think we were in control for 85 minutes – that’s what I have seen. The result was 2-1 to them and that cannot happen. We gave the game away in five minutes and that cannot happen. We must learn from it.”

On Swansea’s goals: “It is not only the defence. It starts with the offence as well. You have to give pressure on the ball before the defence has to act and all the players know that. We can analyse the errors but the most important thing is that we didn’t change our shape when they changed theirs.”

On bouncing back: “The game will be in our minds for the next two weeks now during the international break. I have to wait two weeks to make revenge for this.”

On whether the result changes United’s approach in the transfer market: “No, it doesn’t have any effect. When you are scouting players, you already know in advance more than a month or two months which ones you can buy or not. It’s not that we are in a panic at the last moment. When you see the game, we were the dominant team but you have to score more and not concede the goals.”

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