Spanish supercup leg 1: FC Barcelona 1-3 Real Madrid

This was the real El Clasico with animosity, aggressiveness and concentration. La Liga season is now opened and already gave us plenty of emotions. This game had nothing to do with the pseudo El Clasico exhibition game in Miami. If you went to Miami you certainly paid more than you would have paid in Spain. Yesterday was REAL football at Camp Nou, Barcelona, the game that saw Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal and getting set off a couple minutes after.  

Coaches react after the game:

Madrid coach – Zidane:

“We are happy with the result but it is not over until Wednesday. Tonight, we can bask in our glory but tomorrow we must focus on the return leg. I am not going to get wrapped up in what the referee did because frankly we played a brilliant game.

I’m annoyed that Cristiano Ronaldo was sent off, it might not have been a penalty, but still, giving him a card is ludicrous. Let’s see if we can make arrangements for him to be available on Wednesday. I am truly proud of my players, they played well as ten and really wanted the win. Now we turn our attentions to the returned leg and we need to relax. We must continue like this. We’ve only just started”.

Barcelona coach – Valverde: 

“It was a game in which we had some good moments and in which we were caught out on the counter by two great goals. We have to look ahead as there is still the second leg to come. Even though they will be favorites, the game is still there to be played.”

We had chance in their area and I think we were closer to scoring than they were but when you do that you can switch off against Real Madrid. You never like losing, even less so against Madrid but aside from the blow of the defeat, there are things that we can rescue from the game.”

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