Football is one of the most watched sports in the world with a huge following of football fanatics. In recent years football has become a sporting industry which is generating billions of money through various channels. Channels that include tickets sales, broadcasting licenses, selling kits and player transfers. Currently, football players are being sold at the top clubs for amounts ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of Euros.

Europe is a continent with most powerful and richest football clubs. These clubs have managed to attract top class players due to their financial power. Football has changed the face of advertising as marketers are now targeting their potential markets through football.Did you know you can also place bet on your favorite soccer player at casinos online. This is evidenced by how companies are sponsoring different football teams. It is very common to see a company logo printed on soccer kits. The company would be advertising its brand. Advertising through football teams creates brand awareness in billions of people across the globe.

Football has also a direct impact in the lives of people as it used as a tool to bring people together. For instance, people from different organizations can play football together during weekends as part of socializing to enforce social cohesion between the employees.

Football fans are excited as the new European league seasons are already underway.  Lovers of the sport can now be seen heading to different stadiums and viewing spots to watch their favourite teams fight for titles. Some football lovers do not just end at supporting their teams. They go the extra mile of betting their money on different teams. Football betting has grown in great magnitude in recent years; this is noticed by the increase in number of betting channels. The most popular being online gambling. People from all over the world are now able to bet from the comfort of their homes via online betting. Huge amounts of money flow into and out of these betting channels.

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