It is fairly acceptable often to call EPL the most exciting league across the Europe for its typically intense and prestigious vision of competitiveness that plays out throughout the entire football season, but this year this belief appears to be a highly sensational and must be considered one of the best we ever witnessed in the recent decade. the superbly ambitious performance and style of the title race favorites so far inspired to offer an ultimately breath-taking last day deadline to decide the champions, Liverpool, Arsenal, City nearly confirmed their dominance in the earlier spell of the season, but Chelsea suddenly produced series of incredible victories to signal its aspiration as well, while Tottenham seem to face harder challenge to keep their hopes alive and Mourinho’s supposedly revolutionized plan at United seem to be involved in the more mysterious journey instead, but as it was proven, we have to confess a truly glorious era that Liverpool is enjoying the most under Jurgen Klopp. their attacking formation is producing an extraordinary ranks of flair and productivity that look really unstoppable at the moment, the feature rarely could have been described the Reds in the previous seasons, but they are feeling the taste of being the champions and storming the season in a very delightful fashion. the shape and quality of their attackers seem extremely promising to fire in all cylender and in courtesy to number of talented individuals like Coutinho, Daniel Sturidge, Firminho, lallan and Sadio Mane simply offer diversity to adapt new dimension of fluidity and purpose in many ways. Liverpool easily crushed Watford 6-1 on this sunday, maintaining their winning streak records to jump on the top of the table ahead of City, Arsenal and Chelsea and sending a clear message; fierce aspiration to crown the league. inside the 25th minutes Henderson played a short corner kick with Coutinho on the right and brazilian fine cross into the box was perfectly flicked by Mane header into the near post to give them a lead, soon they scored another. the opponent was exposed in the midfield and it allowed Clyne to play Mane for a great build-up as french man turned it to Lallana for a quick interchange with Roberto Firmino’s clever turn and Coutinho’s deep bursting run, whom hooked it neatly to his fee and cutting inside two defenders on the edge of box to finish a precise low range shot, they were still so determine and the third goal came. karius long ball over the watford half brought in firmino to direct his header to Coutinho before brazilian’s switching to Lallana flying wide run, he looked up and sent in an accurate cross for Emre can to rise high and glance a cool header into the lower near post. are they done? of course not and after interval another brace came. Milner in central position played Henderson on the left side as he exchanged a short pass with Lallana that combined with his neat darting run to switch a wide for Firmino finishing the empty net, what a game. on the hour mark Henderson won a midfield challenge to capitalize on Watford’s sloppy play and released a deep through ball for Firmino and while pausing to open forward options with a cool inside turn set up Mane to finish his pass into the near post. the visitor at least showed some sign of attacking anticipation which resulted scoring their only chance on the night. nordin Amrabat pulled out to win a challenge against milner to find open space on the right of box before turning a pass to Jannmat and he executed a beautiful left footed shot inside the far post, offering some minor consolation even for a moment; but Liverpool had to finish the business here. Sturidge switched a precise inside overlap pass for Ejaria on the edge of corner and his delightful back heel combined with Firmino returning to Sturidge to try his left footed shot and wijnaldum finished the rebound after gomes save and sealed a comfortable win for the reds.

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