Premier League gameweek 13: Chelsea 2-1 Tottenham

Tottenham was hoping to get back on track after being eliminated from the Champions League during the week by AS Monaco. Althought the Spurs stroke first right after the 10-minute mark, Chelsea progressively took control of the game and scored two goals to keep the winning streak alive. Chelsea FC lead the Premier League with one-point gap to Liverpool and Manchester City, which also both won today.

Coach Chelsea, Antonio Conte hails his players:

“This was a big test because Tottenham are a really good team with great organization. They started better than us, with great intensity and a lot of pressure when we had the ball. ‘They scored a fantastic goal. Then I liked our reaction a lot. It wasn’t easy to react in that way, with Pedro’s fantastic finish. The goal gave us the right confidence. After the first half we spoke and together we found the right solution to try to win the game.

In the second half we exploited situations which we didn’t in the first half. When you win this type of game, a special derby, you must be pleased, but from tomorrow it’s important to think about the next game against Man City, another strong team.

I always speak with my players at half-time because it’s right to see the good and bad things we are doing. Sometimes it can happen that the opponent starts better than you but we are talking about Spurs, not a team at the bottom of the table. Last season they fought to win the title and they’ve improved their squad a lot.

‘We must be pleased because this type of game isn’t easy. We are a different team compared to the team which lost at Arsenal and Liverpool. We are another team and I’m pleased about this, I’m pleased for the players. We’re working a lot and they enjoy this type of football. Its normal in this type of game you cannot dominate the whole game. Today we won and I’m pleased because it wasn’t easy. This game was right, the behavior of the players and fans. There was a fantastic atmosphere and I know about this type of football in England.”

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