Premier League: Newcastle United 0-1 Manchester City

Raheem Sterling scored his 15th goal for Manchester City this season extending the record for consecutive wins to 18! This is just an incredible number and achievement from the Citizens. The club has now a fifteen point lead on top of the League.

In the adversity, City found resources to maintain their lead in the second half in spite of the pressure imposed by Newcastle United. Manchester looked a bit tired with the cumulation of matches but still add another three points. 

Coach Guardiola comments on the win:

“As a manager I have to adapt. In these 18 games, we have played teams who high press, low press, attack us. Any manager and team can play how they want. And you have to find a way to beat them.

We deserved to win. It’s not easy when Newcastle don’t want to play. They defend well and want to counter-attack and defend deep. It’s not easy. We created chances in the first half and the beginning of the second.

In the last minutes… it was a little more complicated. We created chances. At half-time it could have been three or four.

It’s okay. When you’re winning 18 games in a row, you have 10/15 mins in that way but we are so happy. “January is tough, with Carabao Cup and Premier League games, FA Cup. It will be tough. The best way is to analyZe and speak to the doctors. All we can do is think about Palace.”