By Paul Douglas Grant

This past weekend Queens Park Rangers confirmed their move out of relegation and into the Premier League. One goal from QPR upstart Adel Taarabt and one from Tommy Smith sealed what had been long anticipated, and equally well deserved. Coach Neil Warnock has worked tirelessly with QPR, with Taarabt and his often erratic field manner to get QPR from it status in the Football League since 1996 to the premier league for the first time in 15 years. The season however has not been without its controversies, and the future also presents a few questions.

If Taarabt, the mad Moroccan genius and his flare for overtly independent playing on the pitch was not enough to keep Warnock’s hands full, QPR is also facing an FA inquiry concerning their purchase of Argentinian midfielder Alejandro Faurlin, in the summer of 2009. Much of the controversy surrounds the charge that the club was in breach of seven Football Association rules. Primarily the FA contends that at the time that Faurlin signed for Queens Park Rangers un-named third-party was the holder of his contract and not the club. The upshot of all of this could be a point reduction for the Rangers. Tragic should this keep them from their move out of relegation.

And, to add possible insult to possible injury, there is apparently some talk as to whether or not Warnock will be contracted to coach QPR in their inaugural Premier League season. Though most commentators continue to assert that Warnock will clearly remain, it is nonetheless a possibility that the manager will be replaced. It would be a clearly bitter victory for QPR to have made it out of relegation with this stellar season in large part through he coaching of this man, only to find themselves facing new season challenges with a new manager at the helm. Here’s hoping the FA inquiry fades and that Neil Warnock remains coach next season, and ultimately here’s hoping QPR can now begin is move up the Premier League table.

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