Whether you’re new to soccer or a seasoned veteran of “the beautiful game,” your gear is essential to great performance on the field. In order to out-kick the competition, you’re going to need to be well prepared in terms of your preparation. This is where the right gear comes in. Here is a list of soccer game gear you simply can’t go without if you’re looking to be successful on the field.


Contact Lenses

If you are a glasses wearer, the last thing you want is your pair of glasses bobbing up and down as you run across the field. Not to mention the potential danger that your glasses can pose on headers. To make sure you can see the ball, the goal and your opponents clearly, contact lenses are a must on the soccer field. From purchasing them online at www.Contactlensesplus.com to the moment you score a penalty kick because you’re able to see the precise location where the goalkeeper cannot cover your shot, investing in contact lenses for your soccer season is a sure way to find success on the field.


Shin Guards

In a contact sport like soccer, protecting your body is a necessity. No area of the body is as vulnerable during soccer as your shins. With feet flying everywhere on the field and a ball hurling at your lower legs, having shin guards is a necessary form of protection that will allow you to play without fear or hesitance on the field. An important component of the game is the ability to stop the ball with your shins so you can possess it and dribble, pass and shoot your way towards a goal. Without shin guards, fielding balls that are heading at you on the ground or in the air will result in an instinctual resistance and painful feeling when the ball comes at you. In order to protect yourself from injury and be a force for your team, shin guards are an absolute must.



Another necessity on the soccer field is the ability to dig into the turf and switch directions at will. When you’re playing a sport like soccer that requires consistent quickness and change of direction, the ability to turn or move towards the ball or away from defenders is paramount to any other aspect of getting around the field. When you wear tennis shoes or any types of athletic sneakers that don’t have cleats to dig into the ground, you are consistently at risk for slipping, hurting yourself or being too cautions and thus being outrun or overtaken by your opponents. Cleats allow you to play and move around the field freely, without worrying about how every turn or change of direction might result in injury or a slip. 



A running heavy sport like soccer will naturally induce lots of sweat. In order to keep it getting out of your eyes and losing focus from the game at hand, sweatbands are a good idea so that you can wipe your sweat and make sure that you can see everything clearly. There is already so much to worry about over the course of a soccer game, from locating where the opposition’s defenders are playing to making sure you get a good touch on the ball. Adding an unnecessary obstacle like sweat in your eyes will only make things more difficult for you to perform well and easier for your opponent to take advantage of this distraction.


Contact lenses, shin guards, cleats and sweatbands are important soccer gear for any player, no matter what position you play or level league you participate in. Soccer is a great way to spend time outside, exercise and learn the valuable lessons of teamwork. In order to thrive on the field, you need to make sure you’re prepared both physically and in terms of having the right gear. These four items will make sure you can go out and put your best effort forward.