Fans of sports teams love to follow what these athletes do on the field and want to stay on top of the latest news and scores. Many of these groups have branched out their media reach to an online presence. One of the soccer organizations that have had the best success utilizing this is Real Madrid. Here are a few ways that they interact with their followers. 

Their Facebook Page

The team has found that the best tool to reach their fans is their social media accounts. Facebook has brought them a great deal of success. They have over a million followers who check their page regularly to find out the scores of their matches, what is happening with the players, and any discounted merchandise for sale at their online store. Thousands join each day as they browse the latest news available on this platform. Real Madrid posts colorful photos and videos to enhance the customer experience and to attract more clients to their club. It gives them the opportunity to engage with people who leave comments or questions, which makes the person they interact with feel important and seen by those who play. This form of marketing is free and easy to update daily. 

Website Presence

The team has updated their website to include what has happened lately with the team as well as profiles from each member of the group. It also has a full online store for fans to shop from that flows from one page to the other quickly and efficiently. This site is linked to all of their social media pages so followers can hop to the platforms with little effort. It is the central internet hub for Real Madrid and has the most recent information available for the most enthusiastic soccer fanatic. 

Sending Out Tweets

When the team wants to get a quick message out, such as an updated score or an outstanding play made by a member of the team, they resort to Twitter to do this. This platform functions much like Facebook and has had great success. The association can reach out to its followers and comment back when they are sent a message. They can post photos and short videos to keep those that check in interested. This social media tool keeps them engaged with their fans on a daily basis and keeps attracting viewers and likes as the season progresses. 

Links Between Sites

Possibly the most vital part of this system is the links that are shared between each social media page and the website. When the club wants to offer a special on a particular item in their team store, they will post the information on Facebook and Twitter then connect it with the product on their site. This process has increased their online sales and brought more customers to their page. With the additional followers that they attract each day, their fan base has grown tremendously as well.

Partnering With Adobe

Real Madrid has recently agreed to a partnership with Adobe to create an interactive fan experience using the cloud. It will give them a front row seat to the stadium itself as well as the games that are played there. There will be sections dedicated to shopping, history, and any other information that a soccer follower would want to know. This will be done using graphics that make the individual feel like they are there from the convenience of their computer, phone, or device. The site will move effortlessly since it is being powered through a cloud server giving anyone who visits a smooth transition from one page to another. Sports fans want to know what their team is doing at any time of the day, especially if the athletes have just competed. Real Madrid keeps in touch with their followers by utilizing their social media pages, giving them a digital experience, and by updating their website frequently.