MLS Conference Finals: Seattle-Colorado

Seattle and Colorado were not the favorites before their Semifinal tie against Supporters’ Shield winner FC Dallas and 5 times winner LA Galaxy. Seattle perfectly managed the two legs with first a commanding 3-0 lead heading onto Dallas where they were defeated 2-1 ast night. As for Colorado, the tie finished with a series of penalty shootouts as the two clubs were tied (1-0 and 0-1) and the end of regulation and 180 minutes played. Colorado got the best and will go for a second MLS Cup after the one won in 2010.

Coach Seattle Sounders – Schmetzer

We knew the situation and you can prepare as much as you want, but when you come into a place up 3-0, we all knew they were going to throw everything they had at us and they showed why they were able to win two trophies this year. We were lucky to only be down 1-0 at half.

We were able to advance past this squad and that is a big accomplishment for this team. It is extremely difficult to win a treble and Dallas is very very good team. We had to play our hearts out.” 

Coach Rapids Mastroeni: 

“I think it’s been beyond his performance in the shoot-out. It’s been what he’s brought to the group from a leadership perspective when he stepped foot in the locker room. For me, he’s still one of the best keepers in the world, and week in, week out he proves that he’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He’s a team presence, a team guy who just wants to win more than anything else. That’s the kind of people that we want at this club: people that are willing to give up themselves for the greater good. What he exudes as a human being has been transformational to the group.

t was a really emotional game. Having left LA 1-0 down I thought we were in a very good position to play LA at home. I felt that we stuck to our game plan which was not conceding here at home. I think we set ourselves up wonderfully throughout the game and some chances to score some goals and add to that lead. For not some more poison in the finish, I think we would’ve doubled the score. What I’m most proud of is being a part of a group that no one believes in and no one still believes in. The power of team was displayed today.”

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