Wolfsburg 2-0 Real Madrid

The perfect score Wolfsburg and a difficult return leg for Real Madrid. They surely are capable of extraordinary performances at home but Wolfsburg showed today they had arguments to respond. They will be a very strong opponent.

Coach Zidane laments the first 30 minutes display.

“We didn’t start with the right amount of intensity for a Champions League game. They did. In football you make errors and we didn’t start with intensity. We had goal scoring opportunities, but now what I want to do is analyse the game. What we have done recently has been positive and I’m not going to go crazy. We cannot be happy with this game. We have to have a look at it and analyse it. I’m not going to get wrapped up in whether it was a penalty or not”.

“I take full responsibility as the manager. That is why I say that I’m going to analyse the game and see what happened. I am very proud of my players. I am responsible and I need to look at what happened and I’ll do that. To the fans, who are always behind the team, I’m going to reason with them that we have a game, 90 minutes or more, and we are going to try to win because that is what we’re here for. I’m reasoning with more emphasis as we have to come back from 2-0 but being Real Madrid we are capable of great things. What we have to do now is to be united and continue with what we were doing before”.

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