Champions League day 2 – Atletico Madrid 1-0 Juventus

Juventus coach Allegri reacts after the defeat in Madrid:

“We turned in a good performance here but didn’t get enough shots in and conceded the goal from the rare mistakes we made. It’s a shame because we came here to win but couldn’t pull it off.

They’re not an easy side to play against. They close down all the spaces and defend very well. In the second half we created a few decent openings but couldn’t pick out the right pass in the final third, so we leave with nothing to show for our efforts.

It was never going to be easy to get a win here. We tried to take the sting out of them by keeping hold of the ball. They’re a team that play in bursts: they try to rush you and are always straight onto the second balls. That was something we needed to deal with and I think we did well, apart from on those two or three occasions when we made mistakes.”

“They’re a powerful side who like to make a battle of it. They commit lots of fouls over the course of the match: they were playing at home but didn’t dictate the flow of the game. We needed to make sure we weren’t left open to their counter-attacks and by and large the lads did that well, even if it meant having a few less shots.”

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