Malaga 0-1 Real Madrid

Coach Ancelotti reacts:

“It was a difficult match. Málaga applied a lot of pressure but despite that we had chances to get a second goal, which unfortunately we couldn’t find. When the score is 1-0 there is always some suffering involved. It wasn’t a great match in terms of play, but our players attitude was great and they put in a solid defensive display. We didn’t concede”.

“This was a very good and important result because winning here wasn’t easy but we managed to do it. We had plenty of chances to kill off the game but were lacking in terms of the final ball. It was a normal game against a very motivated side, like all the teams are at this stage of the season. We also have to praise Málaga. They played a good match in which they put a lot of pressure on us and worked really hard. Winning here is not easy but we did it. Because of that I am happy”.

Feelings ahead of the Clásico
“This team is playing consistently. Like I’ve said, there are matches in which we have to play to different strengths. Our players’ attitude in defence was great and they worked hard. I think we are ready to play the Clásico”.

“Benzema got a knock to his muscle and couldn’t carry on. After that, like I’ve said, you can’t always win 2-0 or 3-0. I am happy because the team was solid, had a good attitude and worked hard together, which is a good thing”.

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