Real Madrid 2-2 Valencia / Barcelona 2-0 Real Sociedad

Coach Ancelotti comments after the draw:

The result isn’t good, the game was the opposite: very good. We fought until the end and deserved to win. Sometimes that is not enough”.

“We had a lot of opportunities, we hit the post three times, missed a penalty…We have played the game and I think everyone appreciated it. We feel good and if we play like this on Wednesday then everything will go well. We attacked in every possibly way. Thanks to everyone’s work, the match went like that. The result is bad for us but sometimes that happens”.

State of La Liga
“It is a lot more complicated. We have two games remaining and have to try and win both. We are keeping going, but it is evident that things are more difficult now”.

“We are disappointed with the result, but we have a lot of confidence with how we played. They gave everything they could. They know that they can get to the final playing like that”.

Luis Enrique (FC Barcelona) reacts after the win:

“We knew the difficulty of the game. We played a very good first half and we created chances. The second half was intense, we wore them down a bit and increased our chances of winning.”

“We played well in a game in which our rivals defended well. It was a complete game and we earned it. I don’t think the game was ever in jeopardy. We were good physically.”