La Liga week 10: Alaves 1-4 Real Madrid, FC Barcelona 1-0 Granada, Atletico Madrid 4-2 Malaga

The mano a mano continues in La Liga between the three Spanish juggernauts as each club came on top with a win this weekend. Cristiano Ronaldo scored another hat-trick with Real Madrid as the club leads La Liga with two points ahead of its eternal rival FC Barcelona.

Coach Real Madrid, Zidane reacts:

“I’m pleased with the match. I’m impressed with the perseverance we showed, because the first half and the start of the second were not easy. It was a difficult win because our opponents did very well but I think it was deserved. You don’t win LaLiga without suffering a bit, it’s impossible, and today we showed we can suffer against a tough opponent.
“We kept our cool and we experienced some difficult periods. Thinking that you’re Real Madrid doesn’t win you games. Alavés made it very hard for us in the first half and the start of the second. It’s great that Cristiano Ronaldo scored, and that he did so three times is even better. We are happy with his performance. We are always going to ask that he scores goals but he was good in every aspect. Let’s hope it stays that way. He has a lot of patience and showed today that with hard work anything is possible”.

Coach FC Barcelona, Enrique comments on the win:

“I liked the attitude of the team in the final minutes, good pressure after losing the ball so as not to make things complicated. It was not a brilliant game, but it was within what we expected. We played against a very organized team, very compact, with many players behind the ball. We lacked finesse and freshness in certain moments.”

Most of the games are still to play in the league, but we are on the right path both in La Liga and in the Champions League. Rafinha’s output does not surprise me. He is getting into the box more and that is important. It’s great to see. There are teams when teams who pressure us high up the field, we manage to get ride this pressure and others when we cannot and we suffer. With teams who play so compact is the same, and today we found it tough.”

Coach Atletico Simeone is happy with the performance:

“We leave with a well-deserved and hard-fought victory. We are very happy, because it was a difficult match. We have played it well.”