MLS Playoffs 2016 – Conference Semifinals:

Toronto FC 2-0 New York City FC; Montreal Impact 1-0 New York Red Bulls

Both New York teams are in a difficult situation following their initial loss as the tie shifts back to New York for the second leg of the Conference semifinals. 

Coach NYCFC Viera reacts on the loss:

“I thought we struggled a bit holding the ball.”We knew it would be a difficult game, we’ve played them already here. We know the quality of their players and the physicality of the game. I thought we managed it well until the first goal.

It’s difficult to put a finger on something specific. I think I need to watch the game again, but David [Villa] didn’t touch many balls. The service could be better, his movement as well could be better to get that service. I think it’s more general than individual. It makes it really difficult for us – but I think I have enough experience in the game to know that things can change.”

On the other end Toronto’s FC Bradley and coach Vanney were so thrilled by the atmosphere at BMO Field: 

“Far and away, it was the greatest night in the stadium in terms of energy.I thought the crowd was in it all day,” Vanney said. 

“The atmosphere in the stadium was electric. When those lights come on, you have to have guys who understand what that’s about. We’re happy that we could reward everyone who came out again and send them home proud”, Bradley said. 

Coach New York Red Bulls Marsch on the loss:

“In certain areas I think our team played well and was organized. Then it was basically one play that cost us even though we had what I thought was a good control of the match.

Even though we had some really good advantages, we couldn’t convert any of them. Given everything, I think we put a lot into it and we know it’s only halftime and there’s a lot more to go in this series. We’ll be excited to go back home.”