Schalke 1-6 Real Madrid

Coach Ancelotti reacts

“The three up top all scored and helped the side a lot. They are very dangerous in attack. All the squad is fine, but we have fresh players and we might change a few things against Atlético. Having said that it is not easy to change a team that has played so well and hopefully we can repeat it on Sunday”.

“Benzema played very well, not only for the goals but he also helped the side in possession of the ball and laid goals on. Everyone worked well and played a fantastic game. It could be Bale’s best game of the season yet as he had more confidence and he attacked very well in deep areas”.

Casillas’ save and the return of Cristiano
“It was a very important moment in the game and he made an incredible and important save because minutes later we scored the second. Iker was decisive. Cristiano doesn’t surprise me. He was really up for the game following his ban. He prepared very well for this game and played very well”.

The second leg
“This encounter was very good, but we have another game to play in this knockout tie. Of course we have a large advantage but we have to play the game. We must respect Schalke, the fans and the competition. We will play as well as we can in the second leg”.