Three teams for the tittle – Barcelona and Atletico MAdrid tie on top with 51 points, just followed by Real Madrid and its Ballon d’Or C. Ronaldo with 50 points – 

Quotes from the coaches/players after the games:

Levante 1-1 FC Barcelona

Coach Martino:  “The result isn’t what we came here for nor was it what we deserved. We were not fortunate in front of goal” and that the rest of the season will bring about “many more surprises. I think the remaining 18 rounds of the season will show that. We’re leaving here sad because we were unable to win. We know that we’re going to win 9 out of 10 of these types of matches.”

Leo Messi: “It’s a shame, we did everything possible to win but they closed themselves off at the back and they didn’t give us any space.It’s a difficult stadium to play in, but we tried. We did enough to deserve the win, we just lacked a bit of luck.”

Atletico Madrid 1-1 Sevilla

Coach Simone: “The game was imagined before playing with a lot of struggle and hard work. Sevilla are very competitive as we said prior to the game. We imagined a game that would be resolved by small details and resolved well.. It was locked up and possibly very ugly, a game played waiting for the errors by both teams. We get one point to continue in a privileged place”.

“The point is “good” to continue fighting at the top of the standings. Therefore, it will be a good incentive to play well in the Cup match against Athletic Bilbao. “If we look to the point it serves to keep us first and will come in handy before the games coming up. A point also serves for something, if you can not get three points you must get one”.

Real Betis 0-5 Real Madrid

Coach Ancelotti: “The team played with quality and were focused throughout the match. We had a lot of chances and the support given by the midfielders, especially Modric, was very good. Everything went well and we are happy. Matches are easier if that  happens. Things can always go wrong, but we prepared well and then played well. Bale played like the rest of the team; with quality and being very focused. Also, we defended well”.

“Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema were very effective. The whole team gave them a lot of chances to score because we played quickly up front. We had a lot of chances and the support given by the midfielders, especially Modric, was very good”.


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