AC Milan 1-0 Hellas Verona

Coach Clarence Seedorf:
“I played 432 games with this jersey and this is number 433. I’m happy to be here and to speak on the club’s official channel. These three points will be good for morale, good for the fans and will generate optimism. I thanked the players for the willingness they showed to play the way they did but we need time, repetition and a lot of training. We need to improve our league position but it’s nice to see that the intention is there, the desire to win back the ball which is tough to do for the entire 90’ as the adversary is always there. I tried to speak a lot with the players and I’ll continue to do that to make them understand where my head and my heart is. The human aspect is important. With this spirit, in the end the work will pay off. The idea of a team talk after the match in the changing rooms came from the players and we’ll continue with it. It’s important to bring newness. Sacchi and Ancelotti both called me. I was able to speak with some of the people who made history with this club. Forza Milan!”

Nigel de Jong
“Clarence Seedorf was always my idol and seeing that photo that Ajax sent to the club really made me think. Certain people in life come back. We’re playing a more attacking system now and that’s clear. It’s a different approach. In the changing rooms, the coach told us, “The first game is over and we got the three points. Now let’s focus on the next games.” He wanted all the staff in there with us. He said there’s long way yet to go and we have to focus on the next games. At the moment, the Coppa Italia is the best way to get back into Europe next season and we have to do it. We’re very focused.”

Juventus 4-2 Sampdoria

Coach Antonio Conte:

“We did well to prepare in the correct manner, otherwise it would have been tough to beat a Sampdoria side in excellent form. Their most dangerous moments came from corner kicks and we need to work on this aspect. It’s the third goal we’ve conceded in the last two games from such a situation and we can’t allow ourselves to compromise games we’re dominating. Hats off to them though, they gave us great difficulty from set pieces.”

“Games are never over and today’s a testament to that. You need to always be fully focused. This has been the difference between us and the others over the past two-and-a-half years. They tried to hurt us when they had the ball and I’m happier when we’re up against teams who come here and have a go, rather than those who sit back and put men behind the ball. I think the crowd enjoyed themselves today, watching two teams who like to get the ball down and play.”

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