Ligue 1: AS Monaco 1-2 Paris Saint-Germain

Monaco continue to disappoint after an amazing campaign last year ended with the title. Poorly eliminated from all European competitions during the week, Monaco had the chance to remind their opponent PSG that they would be in contention for the title. The dream is over and back to reality. Paris are too good, too strong and have too much talent for any other team in league to have a glimpse of a chance in Ligue 1. 

Tonight the French Ligue 1 lost the last hope for a competitive championship. Unlike La Liga, Bundesliga or the Premier League (despite Man City‘s dominance), PSG walk on French Ligue 1 like a giant destroying every single team on their path. The question remains to know when PSG will be crowned champion and which teams will play in the Champions League next year. There is just too much football elsewhere. Congratulations PSG! 

Coach Emery comments on the big win and can relax knowing the talent he has at his disposal:

“We are happy to have taken the three points tonight and to have extended the lead with our rivals. The teams behind us are strong, but we have confidence in what we can do. The most important is to have the right attitude on the pitch, we are satisfied with the way we played the game here in Monaco. If there is one thing to improve it is the finish. But the team is fine, it’s very satisfying to see that we maintain our level of play”.

Captain Thiago Silva added:

“We are in a very good period. We had a great game tonight, we could have scored more but in the end, what matters is the result and the victory. Monaco is a solid team, we knew it, but we showed tonight that we were very strong”.

A frustrated Monaco coach Jardim answered questions:

“I’m not happy. We can do more. But you have to give value to the opponent, who has controlled the match with beautiful individualities. We lost some duels but in front, there are players of great quality. It’s also a good learning for our young players. We knew the quality of our opponent. We can always do more. But I must also say that the opponent had more quality to win the match”.

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