Premier League weekday matches wrap-up

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Watford 2-4 Manchester United

In northern England, the Red Devils are putting pressure on their rivals Manchester City with a convincing win at Watford. Man Utd have won 10 out of the first 14 Premier League matches and deserve their second place before visiting another team in good form Arsenal.

Coach Mourinho praises his forwards:

“We should have scored seven. We were very dangerous for 90 minutes, I think, and we had a chance to score in the first half and kill the game and we had also a chance at 3-0 to control the game because 3-0 is more than enough to win but we lost concentration and gave them life. We gave them life with the first goal and then we were a couple of minutes with normal fear and pressure of losing the points.

The second half should have been five or six-nil and it was even easier to score goals in the second half than in the first but we missed these chances and this is football. Out of nothing, penalty and 3-1 and then the game is a different one. But it’s a match to win comfortably and in the end at 3-2 the game is in a grey zone and Jesse [Lingard] had that fantastic initiative and killed the game.

Great goals and we missed a [chance to make it] 4-0 also in a great action at the end of the first half and in the second half we had a great high pressure to recover the ball high and [Romelu] Lukaku also had that one with an open goal and [Paul] Pogba’s header is also a free header. We had lots of chances which came out of nothing, but 3-1 and then the game is different.”

Leicester 2-1 Tottenham

What is wrong with Tottenham? Unbeatable and producing an elegant football in the first months of the season, the Spurs have now lost 2 out of their last 3 Premier League matches and won only one game in their last five. Before entering December and a critical calendar of games the current state of the London team is worrisome. 

Coach Tottenham Pochettino reflects on the slow starts to the games lately:

“I’m very disappointed with the performance in the first half, it was so poor. You need to compete, you need to fight first of all, then play football. You cannot play football if you don’t compete and fight in the Premier League. That’s why we’re so disappointed. The result was against us because of the first half. It’s an example that in football, you need to respect yourself, compete and then play.

You can work on different systems and tactics, actions, set-pieces, everything around football but if we are poor like we were as a team in the way we played (in the first half) then it’s my responsibility first to try to talk and discover why we played in this way.

If we want to win games we need to change. We need to change and start stronger from the beginning. We can’t afford like Dortmund, West Brom and today to always start 1-0 down. Why? That is the problem. We need to be strong from the beginning.”