Premier League week 4 preview

Manchester City and Liverpool are sitting atop of the league similar to where they ended the EPL last year. The running league and European champions are looking to another successful season and are the heavy favorites for the Premier League crown. Betting with Bet365 compiled all the early season odds to win big on the exciting season. 

Liverpool have started the year strong. First, the Reds won the UEFA Super Cup against Chelsea and then been perfect in the EPL with three straight wins, notably against a rival in Arsenal. 

Coach Klopp comments on the defensive efforts [especially vs Arsenal, 3-1]:

“We work on our defending but not in the way people probably expected. It’s not about the last line; it’s a common thing, defending in the Premier League doesn’t work if you talk to [each individual player] and tell him.We have to do this and that differently.”

“We worked really hard now on that, of course, like we always do but this week we had the time to do it. From a defending point of view, it was for sure the best game, against an incredible threat.”

City are right behind Liverpool and dropped two points at home against Tottenham, a team that showed they will be here all season long. The question is to know are there any teams to compete?

City coach, Guardiola, on the early season:

“There’s a lot we need to change. In our defensive box we have to be more solid. Sometimes it is more difficult to play today than Tottenham at home, with our fans, the rhythm, and you know Tottenham want to play, and here they set up waiting for the second balls to the long balls.”

The season will be long and City will have its chances to retain the EPL title. 

The second tier

Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are the 4 other teams hoping to fight for the League’s top places. Only two spots are promised if we assume Liverpool and Man City will fight for the title. 

That’s the reality. Although the above-mentioned clubs are great, they seem to be no match for the top calibres in the league. Arsenal started off the season well then got muzzled in Liverpool. Man United already lost at home, Chelsea started slowly under new coach Lampard… remains Tottenham. 

Can Tottenham Hotspur be a contender? 

The Spurs were right there last season until the last few half-dozen games where they had to cope with injuries and the ethic schedule with the Champions League semifinals and Final. They got better this year but they only won 1 out of their first 3 matches [lost the first one]. 

Coach Pochettino on the surprising loss at home to Newcastle:

“We need to be better and we should do better. In this type of game when you have the possession and dominate, you cannot concede this type of goal and then you are going to be close to the win.

We arrived in the last third dominating the ball but from there we needed more from our individual talent to break down their organisation. Collectively I think we had 37 crosses, but we didn’t connect. It’s difficult. We need to be more aggressive and we need to keep going.

Points are vital at home to be champions in the Premier League. Tottenham will have a hard task ahead to overcome an early deficit from Liverpool and City. 


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