Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea

Arsenal coach Wenger reacts:

“I have regrets because I felt we should have won this game,” he told Arsenal Player. “They had one chance in the first half and I think it was a penalty for us [for the trip on Walcott].

“Overall in the second half we had two or three good opportunities that we didn’t take. But it was the kind of game that was locked tactically by Chelsea because they wanted to catch us on the break.

“If felt we were a bit edgy at the start because of our last result and it took us a while to get going. You saw that Chelsea, when they took Torres off and put Oscar up front, were happy with a draw and to lock up the game.

“We were maybe a bit less fluent than we can be and played a little bit with the handbrake because we knew we had not to lose that game if we could not win it. It is a consequence of [the games against] Everton and Man City.

“It is a missed opportunity but I cannot fault the desire of the team, they gave absolutely everything.”

Chelsea coach Mourinho

‘We came to win, we wanted to win but it was very important not to lose,  because if we did we are five points behind the leader. With a point we are two behind the two leaders and that is a completely different picture. We tried to win but we are not unhappy with the point.

‘If we scored goals in direct relation to what we produce we would be in a fantastic situation. We are not scoring enough goals and it’s not just the problem of the strikers not scoring goals, it is also the problem of the other people who do not transform half-chances into goals.

‘I call half-chances the half a dozen ones today when you recover the ball, you have space and the opponent is not balanced. You feel the goal can happen but then you are not aggressive and sharp. So when you are not this, you come to control the game and we controlled the game. There were no saves from the keepers, one big chance for us and lots of half chances, and for Arsenal one big chance and no half-chances because we controlled everything.’

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