Liverpool 3-1 Cardiff City

Coach Rodgers reacts on Luis Suarez:

“It shows you the humility of the man. Two brilliant goals, a genuine world-class player. The pivotal point of the team is really exciting and dynamic at the moment.

“It was an outstanding team performance. In the first half, we were exceptional – some of our movement and fluidity in our game was excellent.

“We controlled the game, scored three and maybe could have had one or two more. In the second half, we started brightly and looked like we were going to continue that momentum.

“We gave away a slack goal, it was a poor goal, and that gave Cardiff a bit of momentum. We had to defend with a bit more aggression and more regularity. But overall, we scored three and could have had one or two more. A great win for us and outstanding goals.

“Last year, it took us a while to even get into the top 10. People are talking about a good start; you can trace it back, you see from January this has been a team on the up.

“What you see now is a set of principles and footballing ideas that we have been implementing over the course of 18 months here. They are coming to fruition and the players are enjoying playing in it.

“We have been on a fantastic run, the quality of our football is at a really high level – we’re pressing the game very well, our aggression to get the ball back is good. We’ll arrive there on Boxing Day in a really good moment. It’s a game I’m really looking forward to.”