One Night in Turin tells the tale of England’s soccer team and the nation’s journey from despair to hope. It intimately depicts the leading characters, star players Paul Gascoigne and Chris Waddle, manager Bobby Robson, and team captain Terry Butcher in a celebration of soccer and how it changed the hearts and minds of a whole country.


It was Spring 1990, and the London streets were filled with poll tax rioters. England was being crushed by civil strife in the midst of a recession, plus the struggles of an internationally unpopular premier soccer league.  While in the meantime, the rest of the world was waking up to a new dawn, the Berlin Wall had fallen, Mandela walked free from prison, and the Soviet Union was in its death throes. The Italia World Cup of 1990 came just in time to celebrate this new world order.  The West Germans arrived as favorites to play for the last time as a divided nation, and reigning champions Argentina were led by the pantomime villain Maradona.  England was the one guest no one wanted to invite to the party.


Over the course of the next six weeks, however, England’s small band of brothers led by the reinvigorated Bobby Robson and the brilliant Gascoigne, overcame scandal, political intrigue and even the mighty Dutch.  They reached the semi-finals in Turin – home of the Juventus team, and the place in Europe that had the most reason to hate the English after the Heysel disaster of ’85 in which 39 Italian and Belgian fans were killed by a stampede of English Liverpool supporters.  It is there that they must attempt to overcome the fierce Germans and where success of their mission would depend not on the number of goals scored, but whether the team and their fans could show the world a new face of Englishness.


Constructed from unseen archive footage and specially shot imagery by Sundance award-winning cinematographer Lol Crawley, directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker James Erskine, narrated by Gary Oldham, (Leon: The Professional), and produced by Victoria Gregory, co-producer of Oscar winning “Man on Wire”, and BAFTA/Grierson winner Alex Holmes (House of Saddam), One Night in Turin will recreate the mood of 1990, English soccer’s greatest adventure on foreign soil.



  • Behind The Scenes
  • Storyboard
  • Director’s Commentary

Release Date: 06/21/2011 Running Time: 93 minutes DVD SRP: $19.98

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