NORTH LONDON DERBY IS BACK! Arsenal must come back with a wins to keep their fourth place trophy ALIVE!

Robin Van Persie the captain already expressing his point of view and calls for the gunners to fight all out against Spurs tomorrow.

Here’s what our captains Robin Van Persie said towards the match at the Emirates on Sunday :

“I’d rather be playing them now than on any other day, and we know that a win is absolutely vital.”

“Quality players like Van der Vaart, Adebayor, Bale, Modric and Lennon will win you games when the going gets difficult – any one of them can step up and make the difference at a given time.”

“They’re above us for the first time in many years but it’s in our hands to change the way things are going, win the game and start moving closer to them,” he said.

Fine and let’s move on, Adebayor was once a hero at Arsenal and his goals contribution towards Arsenal in every match against their fierce arch rivals Spurs was excellence.

Upon tomorrow clash with Arsenal at the Emirates, Adebayor blasts Wenger for his poor decisions on transfer policy in which have been ruining Arsenal’s future to recapture major titles for the past seven years.


“Every year they are losing great players like an Ashley Cole, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas or a Samir Nasri. So every year they desperately try to replace these guys. But it is not easy to find another Thierry Henry or Cesc Fabregas as even Arsene Wenger has found out. So that’s the problem. In an ideal world you keep those great players and every year add even more quality to the squad.”

“That way you improve, that way you move forward, that way you stay competitive. But you can never improve if all you do is try and replace the players that you lose every year and never strengthen. It just means there’s even less chance of winning trophies, so it all becomes a vicious circle and you lose even more players. Because all top players are the same – they want to win things and when they know that’s impossible they will look to leave. That’s football.” – Adebayor.

Whether Adebayor is right or wrong, Arsene Wenger is listening or not, final 90 minutes on Sunday at the Emirates will evaluate the whole situation for good.

Before we come to an end, watch the video from the previous season between both team and how Spurs turns to be a big threat to Arsenal especially when Harry Redknapp took over since October, 2008.

Season 2008/09

This is the time where Harry Redknapp first took charge for Tottenham Hotspurs against Arsenal when he arrived at White Heart Lane in October, 2008.

Home Game : Arsenal 4-4 Tottenham Hotspur Barclays Premier League, Emirates Stadium Wednesday, October 29, 2008, 20:00

Arsenal Goals – Silvestre 37, Gallas 46, Adebayor 64, van Persie 68 & Tottenham Hotspurs Goals -Bentley 13, Bent 67, Jenas 89, Lennon 90.



Away Game : Tottenham Hotspur 0-0 Arsenal Barclays Premier League, White Hart Lane Sunday, February 08, 2009, 13:30.

Harry Redknapp produce great results against Arsenal in his first season with Spurs. Arsenal finished fourth while Spurs sits eight place in the premier league at the end of 2008/09 season. Spurs finished fifth in two consecutive season after that and as today they are third in the premier league leads with 10 points differences.

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