Capital One Cup round 3 – Chelsea 2-1 Bolton

Assistant coach Holland reacts:

‘We are very happy with the performance.

‘You hope motivation isn’t a problem but it can be sometimes. The players’ mentality was excellent right from the kick-off. Their approach and quality was very good. At half-time we said we couldn’t ask for much more apart from a little detail in the two penalty boxes.

‘We had a bit of an issue with height from set-plays and every time Bolton had a free-kick or corner that was a worry. That provided their equaliser from I think the first time the ball was in our box after about 30 minutes. Then the combination of some missed chances and a bit of bad luck and some very good goalkeeping meant we were still on the limit right at the end of the game.

‘The Bolton goal was a ball hit in with pace and a very good header. In our team tonight we didn’t have the physical stature we normally have in the Premier League and in the Championship there are a lot of goals scored from set-plays. It was a concern.


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