Capital One Cup semifinals leg 2 Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool (Overtime goal scored by Ivanovic).

Coach Mourinho reacts

My view is that it was a big semi-final, two big games, this one was really big, with both teams at their limits and the result on the edge. The result speaks for itself, 1-1 there, 0-0 here, extra time and one goal to decide.

‘I always say to the players that during a game normally a difficult moment will arrive. That moment arrived in the first half and we coped with that. Liverpool were good, Liverpool were better than us, Liverpool were creating and we coped with that.

‘We had to be intelligent and wait for the moment to be in control of the game. That came in the second half; we were dominant, created chances and should have scored. Mignolet was amazing. When we scored the goal in extra time the team showed me maturity, control. It’s good for our improvement to play against a very good team and we did that.

‘Chelsea supporters were fantastic today, the victory is for them. Last weekend’s defeat was ours, not the supporters.’

‘They gave everything. Ivanovic’s boot should be put in the lobby of the Academy, so the kids can see a boot completely full of blood. His foot with the big cut and lots of stitches cannot go there, but the boot, which is white, is full of red blood and should go to the Academy, but that’s just one example. They gave absolutely everything.’

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