Copa Del Rey leg 2 Atletico Madrid 2-3 Barcelona

Coach Barcelona Luis Enrique reacts:

On the performance: “I was happy with my whole team, even with the way they recovered from such a strange situation in the first minute. Despite all the difficulties of playing here, we managed to find spaces. I am very pleased with their display against a top level team.”

On Barça’s winning form: “There are good and bad moments over the course of a season. This is a very good one. We are confident and getting results. All positive results are a boost for our confidence.”

One two-goal hero Neymar Jr: “He’s a daring player. He does a lot for us. He scores goals and goes on solo runs. Nobody will ever change him but we don’t want him to change. We like him to be brave! But the game started getting ugly and we thought it would be better for him not get involved and so I took him off.”

Coach Atletico Diego Simeone

I’m proud of my players. We played an extraordinary first half, with enthusiasm and playing an intense match.”

We played a decent Cup. We eliminated L’Hospitalet and Real Madrid. It has been very important because it gave us the opportunity to play against Barcelona.”

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