Major League Soccer week 33

D.C. United have clinched their spot to the MLS Playoffs thanks to an amazing run the past two months. 

After just two wins in their first 14 games, D.C. United have roared all the way back to book a playoff berth. The victory 3-1 vs New City FC is their fifth straight and the nine straight game without a loss.

Rooney scored another brace for his 11th and 12th goals of the season (in just 19 matches) and Acosta added one goal (his 10th) and an assist for a record-tie 17 in the season. The two have players have been fantastic this second part of the season. 

Coach Olsen on the accomplishment to make the playoffs:

“I’m enjoying coaching probably over the last couple months more than I ever have. And it’s partly because we’re winning, and it’s easy to enjoy that.

But it’s also the way we’re playing. I know we’re entertaining the fans and we’re putting together a really good product.

It’s not just glitz, it’s tough, it’s gritty. I feel like it has a lot of really good components, and I’m looking forward to testing how far we can go.”

On the surface a home game is a big deal, especially for a knockout game. And then you weigh the risk of how quick the turnaround is, and the energy level. And [if you’re] better off going away and being fresh. But we’re also in a really good rhythm.

That’s all stuff I’ll ponder tonight over a quiet bourbon.”