Liga BBVA: FC Barcelona 6-1 Rayo Vallecano

Coach Luis Enrique reacts:

“The objective is to lead at the end of the season.” He affirmed that the team find themselves alive in all three competitions “due to sheer effort.”

“We knew it would be tough from the outset and that if we could beat their pressure we’d have scoring chances.”

“Seeing what they were giving us in midfield, we went with Xavi and Iniesta inside and they gave us a lot of chances to get the ball to our forwards.

On moving into first place

“We’re elated, but the objective is to be leading at the end of the season. I already said that everybody could lose a game, so we have to keep playing well and win every match.”

“It’s heavy having to win every single match. Each game is more important than the last.”

“The situation we’re in is the fruit of our collective effort. We’re where we want to be but there are lots of teams that what to be here too.”

“Suárez and Messi are having more and more chemistry, and today we all saw what they bring to the team.”

“I like Rakitic wherever he plays on the field. He always knows what to do with the ball and is one of the best signings we’ve ever had.”

“Piqué has always known how to score, above all on set plays. It’s a perfect solution for games when our opponents collapse defensively.”

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