MLS 2015 season opener: Los Angeles Galaxy 2-0 Chicago Fire

Two second half-goals from Villarreal and Keane lifted the champions to their first win of the season at StubHub Arena.

Coaches react after the game:

Brune Arena – (LA Galaxy)

“We don’t want to allow many chances, and teams are going to get chances — that’s the way the game goes — but we just have to make sure that when they do get chances, that we’re alert and we protect our keeper as much as possible and, hopefully, our keeper can pull us out of trouble.”

“I think last year we were that way, too, where we didn’t allow much, but [opponents] would get one chance and score that one goal. That’s how I felt it was last year, and that’s the way I don’t want it to be this year.

Frank Yallop – (Chicago Fire)

“We showed in small patches tonight that we could compete with the champions and I think with more hard work we can show we can match them over a far longer period.

“We played a really good side tonight, we played the champions and I think that showed. They dominated the game for large parts, I think there were parts of the game where we started to get a little bit more possession and a little bit more control of the game, but in the end I think the Galaxy are champions for a reason. It shows us the work we’ve still got to put in to get up to that standard.”

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