Manchester United 0-1 Everton

A  goal at the 86th minute crucified Man United, currently ranked 9th in the league after 14 weeks, by far one of their worse start ever; there might be some change coming up soon…

Coach Moyes reacts after losing against his former team:

“I felt we really got on top of the game the whole night, but nevertheless we needed a bit of good fortune to go our way and we didn’t get that. We had some chances and, if we took them, then the game could have changed dramatically. We didn’t take them and in the end we lost the game.

“There were a couple of big moments for us to score, one or two opportunities. Everton were always a threat on the break, they broke very quickly against us but I always felt we could just about nick it. But in the end, we didn’t do so.”

That is what happens, you tell players to take shots at goal and sometimes they take deflections and go in,” the boss explained. “Sometimes, as this did, it gets whipped across the goal and somebody comes in at the back and scores.

“But I am disappointed we gave it away just before that and we never really cleared our lines. They continued to attack us for 20 or 30 seconds after that, which led to the goal. I am really disappointed, but we go again, keep going and move on to the next game.”

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