English Premier League – Liverpool 1-2 Chelsea

Coach Chelsea Jose Mourinho reacts:

‘Of course we want to go in front but I am not afraid to go behind because the team is very stable, very confident.

‘A goal against doesn’t stop the team playing. When Liverpool scored it was not a drama for me or the team and they kept playing well. We had two or three good chances before we scored, and in the second half from minute one until we scored the second goal, it was a fantastic expression of ambition and self-belief.

‘My team didn’t accept a point as a good result. Obviously it is three important points and a case of when the best team won. A fantastic performance.’

Every player was fantastic and some were absolutely brilliant but Ramires and Fabregas both played injured. Maybe the team will lose them for a match or two now but they put themselves there for the team, like I am sure others will in the future because the spirit of the team is fantastic.

‘Fabregas has a hamstring injury, Ramires is the same thing [groin] as before but he knew for my plan it was important for him to start the game. Fabregas is a fantastic professional and he gambled and I gambled. He can join up with Spain but if he does he will be back.’

We are in a good situation where we have played two matches in Liverpool and two in Manchester – four very difficult matches away, but it’s the beginning of November and there is a long way to go.

‘It is a good start and I believe my team can keep this stability. One day we will lose and the next game we will win again. I know the negative moment will arrive and we are prepared for that.