Europa LeagueFC Midtjylland 2-1 Manchester United

Seriously MUFC.. what a disgrace this is. We feel sorry for Manchester United fans who had to watch this game and who have to be coached by Van Gaal. Week after week he has shown he is not the right fit and United will likely not be in the Champions League again this season. With all respect to the Danish club (sorry we just cannot pronounce it), this is unacceptable and the question is: What do management keep Van Gaal? He should have been sacked weeks prior anyway.

Let’s here from Van Gaal only and we hope he avoided social media today…

“I think it is the law of Murphy, when you have a list of 13 injured players and a few minutes before the game we can add another player to the list. Then it is difficult to cope with such a list of injured players.” (He has been going wrong for weeks…)

“After 10 or 15 minutes we controlled the match, we scored a goal but we also gave a goal away. One minute before half-time and that is a difficult time to concede a goal. In the second half I have to say that Midtjylland were winning every ball and that was very disappointing because you know in advance that this is the key to this game. Then they score, and when you see how they score it is a little bit unnecessary in my opinion. But still we have a chance [to go through in the tie] I think.”

“We have to speak about why our players were not capable of winning the second balls, to keep the ball in our possession, because we had a lot of unnecessary losses of the ball. Now I can only analyse that Midtjylland were winning these second balls and then you can expect they will score out of a few chances. But we could have scored also, Jesse Lingard could have scored two times I think. In spite of that we could have also finished the game.”

“It is nothing to do with attitude. All of the players want to perform in an excellent way so attitude is not the case. We were not winning the second balls. That is my analysis. It is disappointing for them like we are disappointed. I am very grateful for the fans who supported us but we wanted to win and now we have to win at Old Trafford and then we are in the next round. We have to do it, it will not be easy but we have to do it.”

Poor Manchester United! They are still expected to pass the Great Danish club but you expect more from such a club…

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