Europa League day 1: Feyenoord 1-0 Manchester United

Do you remember Manchester United loss to Danish side Midtjylland last year? The game today was a reminiscence of last year and the 1-0 loss to Feyenoord. Although the Dutch side from Rotterdam is arguably of higher caliber, does MUFC disregard Europa League? many starters were left on the bench (Ibrahimovic, Rooney for examples) and the fluidity was just not there…

Coach Jose Mourinho comments the loss and his choices:

Losing start in the Europa League
“Of course I’m not happy with the start. I think in the second half the game, in my opinion, we were always in control. We were trying to win and they were trying not to lose. We felt like they were collapsing a bit physically, they were in trouble and it was that moment in which we lost the game. It was double unlucky because it was a clear offside [for Feyenoord’s goal].”

Assessment of United’s display
“The second half was better than the first. We had more intensity than the first half because in the first my players were in control without pushing to try but the second was different. Feyenoord defended with everything, a great crowd, a great spirit we know that. We know that in the Europa League everyone wants to play Man United, everyone wants to fight until their limits, which they did. They had the luck to score in the last part of the game.”

On the players who came into the team
“Look I don’t want to personalize. Some of the players were playing their first minutes of the season, not many minutes for them. Obviously some played better than others but I have to understand that some of these players haven’t played week after week like the other boys. “

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